California tequila fans, you’re in for a treat! Over the next couple of months there are some exciting opportunities to try some new brands and polish up your palate at tequila festivals around the state.

First up is the 3rd Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest this Saturday, Aug. 18th, where you can sample over 25 premium tequila and mezcal labels. And, with a VIP ticket, you can attend a Tequila 101 presentation and tasting session with our friend Clayton Szczech of Experience Tequila!

In September, we’re really looking forward to the Spirits of Mexico (SOM) festival in San Diego, which is the largest tequila event of the year. The week-long festival kicks off Sept. 9th with the Tequila Trail, in which you get walk (or stumble – your choice) around Old Town San Diego’s bars and restaurants to sample a range of agave spirits paired with tasty food.

The main tasting event is on Sept. 15th, and we will be there with Reidels in hand! There is also an awards dinner and silent auction, so make sure to check out the show calendar so you don’t miss any of these great events.

Finally, on Oct. 6th, don’t miss the Fourth Annual Monterey Tequila and Mezcal Expo where you can sample a variety of tequilas and mezcals and sample food prepared by local chefs. Once again, our friend Clayton will be offering a special one-hour educational and tasting session for VIP attendees. He really knows his stuff, so take note.

There is also a silent auction and after party to round off the evening. (Monterey is Scarlet’s hometown so we will definitely be there, perhaps with a few surprises, so stay tuned!)

The bottom line is that if you want some great opportunities to sample new tequilas, make new friends, and develop your tequila knowledge, try to attend one or more of these great events.

(Thinking of attending the Monterey festival or SOM? Send us a note so we can meetup!)