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Is Casamigos Tequila worth all the hype?

George Clooney + tequila. Do we have your attention yet? The group behind the new Casamigos brand sure hopes so. They released a viral video campaign featuring Clooney, his girlfriend Stacy Keibler, Cindy Crawford, and her husband Rande Gerber, all falling into bed together after a night of drinking. (Clooney and Gerber are behind this brand.)

And the Casamigos website makes claims that caught our attention as well, including “The best tasting, smoothest tequila” and “a tequila that is smooth with no burn.”

So the question we wanted to answer was, “Is Casamigos worth all the hype?”

We initially learned that this tequila was coming to market several months ago, when a store clerk poured us a sample from an unmarked bottle he had stashed behind the counter. He told us it was George Clooney’s new tequila, and solicited our feedback. We couldn’t spend much time with it in the store, so we didn’t rush to judgement, but thought it was something that deserved examination in a better environment, using the proper glassware, and giving it plenty of time.

casamigos-NOMWhen we got home, we wanted to learn more about it, so the first thing we did was try to find out the NOM. The NOM is a four-digit number issued by the Mexican government to each legal entity that produces tequila. The NOM must appear on each bottle of tequila, and helps you identify the distillery where it is made. By looking for the NOM, we can start to figure out what a tequila may taste like based on where it was made. Casamigos is made at NOM 1416, which is the same distillery that makes well-known brands Avion (the “Entourage” tequila) and Clase Azul, among many others.

(By the way, if you want to have the ability to quickly look up a tequila and see what else is made in the same place, download the Tequila Matchmaker app for iOS and Android. It’s free and VERY useful. A lot of mass-produced brands that call themselves “artisanal” would rather you not have this information.)

The next thing we examined was price. BevMo in California is charging $45 for the blanco and $46 for the reposado, so it’s competing in a space where Fortaleza Blanco lives. The reposado is more expensive than another one of our favorites, Casa Noble Reposado, which retails for $43.

This price range set our expectations pretty damn high, so we picked up a couple bottles hoping for the best.


The Blanco

Before the blanco opened up we got faint aromas of mint and green agave. After a few minutes, some cinnamon started to come through, but for the most part, the aroma wasn’t very prominent.

Upon visual examination, the tequila clung to the side of the glass like a nice, oily tequila should, but once it hit our mouths it didn’t quite measure up with what we were expecting. It is sweet and slightly watery and lacks the sophistication and complexity of a tequila that commands this price range.

Casamigos Blanco is a relatively simple tequila with mint and cinnamon flavors, and a finish that is remarkably short.

The Reposado

Casamigos Reposado brings all of the characteristics of the blanco, but with a heavy dose of caramel (which smells very good, by the way). It is aged 7 months in American Oak. It has a smoother mouth feel in the front, but has a slightly rougher (or ‘scratchy’) finish.

The Verdict

After spending a couple hours with Casamigos Tequila, we decided that although it was pleasant and sippable, it really didn’t live up to its price tag.

The question now is can its celebrity endorsements keep the brand afloat?

– Grover & Scarlet

14 Responses to “Is Casamigos Tequila worth all the hype?”

  1. it does sound a little disappointing – I placed high hopes this would elevate the “sip don´t shoot” mantra of good tequilas – the Casamigos web site originally had something about it´s unique distillation process created a tequila that would avoid bad hangovers – this statement has since been removed probably a good thing – then that BevMo was the exclusive seller of this product – apparently not true


  2. Hi there — The Casamigos tequila has been one of our most successful new product launches at BevMo!. We can hardly keep it in stock!! We found the Reposado to be really smooth and delicious, and the Blanco perfect for margaritas and Palomas. Cheers!


  3. I carry this tequila at my bar in Santa Monica. Cindy was in drinking it with friends so at least they do support their brand!! I like the tequila but I do agree it is pricy. Especially since you can get so many great 100% agave tequilas for under $20 these days (Agavales, Milagro, Lunazul)…


  4. We have it as our special top shelf right Margarita now and the fact that it is George Clooney does indeed help with sales. Most customers like it pretty well, in a Margaritas anyway.
    But personally. I agree, definitely can get better or same quality cheaper.


  5. I tried it. I was not expecting much from a celebrity Tequila, but i was very pleasantly surprised. I found it minty with a touch licorice and no burn that makes you squint your eyes and turn your head. No lime is needed, actually my girlfriend and I found that it took away from from the flovor. We do like the ritual of salt, shot, lime, but discovered that a strawberry finishes very nicely with it. The price is a little high but it falls in line with the tequilas that i typically drink. Those being Don Julio, Cabo, Patron, Casa Noble and Avion. I will (and have) bought it again.
    Steve S.


  6. Paid $37.99 for a 750 ml bottle of the Blanco, which didn’t seem too bad. I started with it chilled and felt like it tasted watered down and I was fighting to taste it. I had just come from an establishment and was drinking Patron Silver chilled, which was excellent and each sip was rich with flavor. I then tried the Casamigos out of the bottle at room temp and was indeed able to enjoy and experience the taste of the tequila. It was very much an easy drinking tequila at room temp if one is really into enjoying it straight. It is certainly different from any other I have had. Since the goal of the tequila proprietors was to create a product that was one that could be sipped without salt and lime, I believe they succeeded. But, as I stated, unless you want the taste of watered down alcohol, drink this straight at room temp and enjoy. Not sure I would buy this again, but I am happy with my purchase and experience. Viva Mexico!


  7. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I have attached your web site address to my Blog. My Blog is basically, all things Baja and or Mexico.

    Stop by and take a look and let me know that it is OK to post your link.



  8. I received a bottle of the Reposado for Christmas. We thought it so delightful we almost finished the bottle in a single sitting. No hangover. Still too expensive for me.


  9. Picked up a bottle of the Casamiagos Reposado at my favorite Liquor store. I tried it because a friend of mine was raving about it. So on a cold Saturday night I opened the bottle and left the room for awhile only to come back to a room that smelled like wonderful tequila.
    Now it had my attention! I poured 3 fingers into a sniffer and had my first taste.
    Wow it was awesome, smooth, long on flavor and a touch of caramel and worthy of another drink.


  10. I loved it. It’s tastes like a triple distilled, very clean, different and less complicated blanco. It is so easy to drink. It has a nice creamy vanilla and floral nose and the taste and is light in the oil, and smooth is an understatement. It is so pleasant to drink. Be careful!!


  11. The Casamiagos Reposado is a wonderful reposado. Margaritas have a very bad rap….most people think that margaritas is a good use of inferior tequila, not true. If done right margaritas can be a unique and sophisticated as you wish. Thy this and see if this isn’t an incredible margarita..
    4 oz Casamigos Reposado
    the juice of one Mexican lime. or key lime. A good one…not a Persian lime.
    a very small amount of organic agave nectar….maybe 1/4 tsp. but it is to taste. Remember making a good margarita is an art form….
    That’s it..nothing more. Shake and pour over ice…now tell me..


  12. Not bad at all… Tried both Blanco and Reposado in Miami and liked it a lot. It is almost as smooth as it gets. The Clooney & Friends allure made me try it actually, I’d never taste Patron.


  13. It’s wonderful. Who sips on a Blanco anyway. Anywho as a bartender people seem to love it …and then I tell them it’s His tequila. It’s a good middle of the road for me ($). Orange slice with the rep my friends. Yum!


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