Update-Since we ran this story the President of Casa Partida in Mexico contacted us to let us know that there is no shortage of any of their products. They are currently expanding production capacity to meet growing demand, but have not completely stopped production to do so. They say they are “maintaining the level as necessary while transitioning to (their) expanded production capability,” which will take a couple months. They are also making sure that our local stores here in Tlaquepaque are restocked. Salud!

Partida blanco lovers beware: there seems to be a shortage, at least in our little Mexican village.

Rumors from multiple independent sources say that Partida has been sitting on an enormous amount of tequila and has stopped production entirely until they sell through their stock. Since the blanco is hugely popular, stores are running out of it first, with no idea when the stock will be replenished.

We just went to our favorite tequila stores in Tlaquepaque, Tecolote and El Buho, to buy a bottle of the blanco for some friends, only to discover they had run out. Ditto for the next largest tequila store. Finally, we found a few bottles at jacked up prices at another store. The 400 peso price tag (about US$32) was changed to 430 pesos (we watched as they changed the price), with 3 bottles left. (Of course, after our visit they now have only two, which we may grab shortly).

If you are a Partida blanco fan, let us know what’s going on in your part of the world. You just may want to pick up an extra bottle, just in case.

-Taste Tequila