Put down that shot glass! Not because we’re encouraging you not to drink – don’t be silly – but because you are probably cheating whatever tequila is in that glass. See, glassware counts for a lot when it comes to how you taste and experience tequila. The traditional shot glass (referred to in Mexico as a “caballito”) just doesn’t do tequila justice. The caballito leaves little room for aeration of the spirit, which is necessary to release all the rich aromas.

The “official” tequila tasting glass made by Riedel is great, but how many bars do you go to that have Riedels? Not many, because they are delicate and relatively expensive. Given the inadequacy of shot glasses and rarity of Riedel tequila glasses, you need to do some experimenting to find out which glass is right for your sipping.

Tequila consultant David Ruiz shows us the proper way to select glassware for you tequila enjoyment. David is founder and organizer of the World International Tequila Conference and gives private tequila tours and consultations through TequilaTours.com.

So, watch and learn, because the right glassware choice can make a difference when it comes to whether you simply like a tequila or whether you love it.

(Coming up in Part 2: Finding the right glass to taste añejo tequilas.)