Orgullo TequilaPreviously we mentioned discovering Pueblo Viejo Añejo in Mexico and being pleasantly surprised by both the taste and price. During a trip to BevMo in San Francisco, we saw that the San Matias Distillery produced another aged tequila called “Pueblo Viejo Orgullo,” so we had to try it.

Orgullo (which means “pride” in Spanish) is a rich amber color with medium viscosity. It has a vanilla and slightly floral aroma. Upon sipping, it has a soft touch on the tongue and fades to a little bit of spice in the front of the mouth as opposed to the back.

You can pick up caramel and mocha flavors with a faint earthy taste.

At around $46 a bottle this tequila is a real steal. It’s aged for 24 months in white oak barrels and offers unbeatable smoothness for the price. As a result, Pueblo Viejo Orgullo has earned a permanent place in our home bar. (We have a back-up bottle to the back-up bottle.)