We moved to Mexico City two months ago, and each time we move, we purge our tequila collection (we invite friends over, throw parties, and even give bottles away.) Moving open bottles of tequila is something we prefer not to do. So when we arrived in Mexico City, we had to start buying tequila all over again.

Buying tequila in Guadalajara was easy – hundreds of brands were for sale within easy walking distance of our apartment. Buying tequila in California was even better, with a massive selection at our fingertips. However, Mexico City is a different beast – and beyond the typical 5 big brands, it’s a challenge to find tequilas that we really love.

Our Tequila Selection 1/17/2011

Our Tequila Selection 1/17/2011 (Mexico City)

But, we don’t shy away from a challenge. We’re scouring the neighborhoods, peeking into little convenience stores, and even getting some help from our friends back in Guadalajara and Tequila – and the bar is slowly coming along. Next month, we will make a trip down to Tlaquepaque with a car and load it up with precious tequila cargo, where it will find a loving home here in Mexico City.

I decided to take a picture of our current tequila selection just to mark this point in time. By next month, all of the shelves will be full, and some will be 2 rows deep – and we will have a 10-foot long bar (enough to seat 5 people comfortably) installed directly in front of the shelves.

Then we can finally start rolling the video camera again — cranking out the tequila reviews — with a proper background.

So, take a close look at the picture above (click on it for a close-up view) and take a look at the current collection. What are we missing? :-) (A lot – we know!)

— Grover