The Museum of Tequila and Mezcal (Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal) opened in December 2010 in Mexico City. We, along with our friend Clayton Szczech, of, decided to pay a visit, take a tour, and see how it compares to other tequila-themed museums.

Now, to be completely honest, we’ve been to our fair share of tequila museums before and most leave us disappointed. (In our opinion, the best “museum” experience comes from the town and distilleries of Tequila, Jalisco itself.) So we were pleasantly surprised with our experience at this particular museum, which is located in Plaza Garibaldi, best known as being the home of los mariachi in Mexico City. (This is where you come to hire a mariachi band for a party, or just hang out and enjoy the music.)

The museum gives a general overview of the tequila and mezcal production processes, highlighting their rich Mexican history, and has an impressive bottle collection containing some very rare specimens, including old Porfidio and Siete Leguas bottles. It was also very refreshing to see that this museum is brand-neutral, meaning that all brands are equally represented.

After the tour, we went up to the top floor bar and restaurant, “La Cata.” This is where tours end with a little taste of both tequila and mezcal.

For $50 pesos (about $4 US dollars) you get entry into the museum as well as complimentary mini shots of tequila and mezcal on the terrace, overlooking Plaza Garibaldi. Definitely worthwhile.