Would you start drinking tequila at 10am on a Saturday? Of course you would, and so would we. All we needed was an excuse, and the local Sonoma radio station, KSVY, gave us one.

The “All About Frank” show, with host Stan Pappis, is usually a 2-hour weekly radio program dedicated to Frank Sinatra, but they made a slight exception for us by including tequila and mariachi music. Word got out that we would be getting into some really great tequilas, and the studio filled up with local taste test volunteers.

On the menu: Fortaleza Blanco; Gran Dovejo Blanco; Alquimia Reposado; Alquimia Extra Añejo; Fortaleza Extra Añejo; Siembra Valles Ancestral; and El Caballito Cerrero Blanco 46.

Listen in as we started this particular morning off the best way possible.

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Thanks to Stan and KSVY for extending the invitation, and providing the great excuse to start the tequila part of my day a little earlier than usual!