fortaleza-reposadoLooking for holiday gift-buying advice for the tequila lover in your life? You’ve come to the right page.

The Tequila Matchmaker app currently shows 3,340 different tequilas coming from 1,712 brands. Users of the app can add items to a Wish List as a way of keeping track of the tequilas they would like to try. We created this list of The 200 Most Wanted Tequilas by combining every member’s wish list in the app.

At first we assumed that this list would be dominated by the most expensive of all tequilas, extra añejos. But app users seem to be a lot less aspirational, and much more practical when it comes to the use of their wish lists. Although there wasn’t a dramatic difference between the categories, añejo tequilas appeared most often, comprising of 28% of wish list items. Closely behind was reposados (25%), and blancos (24%). Surprisingly, extra añejos make up only 20% of the total wish list items.

The chart below shows the top 21 tequilas that appear most often on member wish lists as of September 2015. Further down is the complete list, which includes tequilas that appear on at least 10 wish lists, which can be sorted according to popularity, price, and type.

Fortaleza Reposado is the most wanted tequila, appearing on 216 wish lists. Fortaleza is a small-batch brand that crushes their agaves using a 2-ton tahona (stone wheel), and this brand’s products appear throughout the list. It has developed a cult-like following among bartenders and aficionados. There’s nothing modern about their production process, and that’s a big reason why it is so coveted by hardcore tequila fans.

All varieties of Los Abuelos tequila (blanco, reposado, and añejo) made the top 21 list. This was Fortaleza’s original name, so if you see any bottles they are from the early days of Fortaleza, and could be up to 10 years old.

Appearing in the #2 slot is Don Julio 1942, which, by the way, also tops our “100 Most Liked Tequilas” list.

Also noteworthy is how often products from Casa Noble appear on the list (12 times!), many of which are version of products that are no longer in production. This rarity puts them in the category of “treasure bottle,” so if you spot any of these, snap them up!

Casamigos Blanco and Reposado also made the Top 21 list. This is the trendy “George Clooney tequila” that is now widely distributed.

What would you add to your tequila wish list? (Hint: Install the app and start creating your own, if you haven’t already!)

Here’s the full list of The 200 Most Wanted Tequilas:

PositionTequila NameWish ListsPriceType
1Fortaleza Reposado216$50Reposado
2Don Julio 1942205$109.99Añejo
3Fortaleza Blanco188$41.99 Blanco
4Casa Noble A–ñejo (2 yr)167$55Añejo
5Fortaleza A–ñejo139$74.99Añejo
6Tapatio Excelencia Extra A–ñejo120$159.99Extra Añejo
7Los Abuelos A–ñejo111rare!Añejo
8Casa Noble Reposado97$46.99Reposado
9Casa Noble Single Barrel 6-year Extra A–ñejo84$129.99Extra Añejo
10Clase Azul Reposado69$74.98Reposado
11Casa Noble Crystal67$39.00Blanco
12Don Julio A–ñejo61$55.99Añejo
13Don Julio Real55$349.99Extra Añejo
14Casamigos Tequila Reposado53$42.99Reposado
15Los Abuelos Reposado49rare!Reposado
16Casamigos Tequila Blanco48$39.99Blanco
16Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila48$229.99Joven
18Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añ–ejo47$129.99Extra Añejo
18Don Julio A–ñejo 70th Anniv.47$54.99Añejo
18Los Abuelos Blanco47rare!Blanco
18Herradura Seleccion Suprema47$299.99Extra Añejo
22Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado45$75Reposado
22Don Julio Blanco45$49.99Blanco
24Crotalo Tequila Extra A–ñejo Reserva44$119.99Extra Añejo
24Siete Leguas Blanco44$36.99Blanco
24Don Julio Reposado44$55.99Reposado
24Casa Noble Single Barrel 8-year Extra A–ñejo44rare!Extra Añejo
28Herradura Añ–ejo41$54.99Añejo
29Siete Leguas Reposado40$39.99Reposado
30Suerte Blanco37$32.99Blanco
30Suerte Reposado37$39.99Reposado
32Don Pilar Extra A–ñejo36$139.99Extra Añejo
32Dulce Vida A–ñejo36$52.99Añejo
32Nobleza Azul Tequila Añ–ejo36$49.99Añejo
32Corralejo Reposado36$27.99Reposado
36123 Organic Extra Añ–ejo (Diablito)35$129.99Extra Añejo
37Patron Silver34$42.99Blanco
37Maestro Dobel Diamond34$39.99Joven
39D'Antaño33$249.99Extra Añejo
40Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia32$109Extra Añejo
40Casa Noble Single Barrel Joven32rare!Joven
42Tequila Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra A–ñejo31$99.99Extra Añejo
43Riazul Añ–ejo30$49.99Añejo
44Olmeca Altos Plata29$19.99Blanco
44Siete Leguas A–ñejo29$44.99Añejo
46Ocho Tequila Reposado28$49.99Reposado
46Espolon Reposado28$31.99Reposado
48Tapatio Blanco27$32.99 1LBlanco
48Gran Centenario A–ñejo27$29.99Añejo
48Cimarron Blanco27$16.99Blanco
51Ocho Tequila Plata26$42Blanco
51El Tesoro Tequila Reposado26$46.99Reposado
51Pueblo Viejo Reposado26$24.99Reposado
51Gran Patron Burdeos26$398.98Añejo
51ArteNom Seleccion de 1146 A–ñejo26$56.99Añejo
51Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Añ–ejo26$95.59Añejo
51Don Pilar A–ñejo26$39.99Añejo
58Partida Añ–ejo25$49.99Añejo
59Ocho Tequila A–ñejo24$65.99Añejo
60Casa Noble Crystal (2nd Generation)23rare!Blanco
60El Tesoro de Don Felipe 70th Anniv23$179.99Extra Añejo
60Avion Silver23$42.99Blanco
60Casamigos Tequila A–ñejo23$44.99Añejo
64Ocho Tequila Reposado - Rancho Carrizal 200822rare!Reposado
64Gran Patron Platinum22$169.99Blanco
661921 Reposado21$42.99Reposado
66Grand Mayan Extra Añ–ejo (5 yr)21$56.99Extra Añejo
66Don Modesto Tequila Blanco21$34.99Blanco
66Excellia Reposado21$61.99Reposado
66Gran Dovejo A–ñejo21$54.99Añejo
66Clase Azul Ultra21$1,499.95Extra Añejo
72El Tesoro de Don Felipe 75th Anniv20$199.99Extra Añejo
72Tres Agaves Reposado20$27.99Reposado
72Ocho Tequila Extra Añ–ejo20$139.89Extra Añejo
72San Matias Gran Reserva20$46.99Extra Añejo
72Arette Artesenal Blanco Suave20$63.99Blanco
72t1 Añ–ejo Estellar20$55.99Añejo
72Gran Patron Piedra20$299.99Extra Añejo
72Casa Noble Gold20rare!Joven
72Olmeca Altos Reposado20$19.99Reposado
72Kah Añejo20$57.99Añejo
72Ocho Tequila Plata - El Refugio 201220rare!Blanco
72Tres Generaciones A–ñejo20$49.99Añejo
84Arette A–ñejo19$34.99Añejo
84El Tesoro Tequila Platinum19$43.99Blanco
84Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Añ–ejo (US)19$159.99Extra Añejo
84Deleon A–ñejo19$199.99Añejo
84Tequila Alquimia Añ–ejo19$59.99Añejo
84Tequila Alquimia Blanco19$47.99Blanco
84Herradura Reposado19$42.99Reposado
91Cabo Wabo Reposado18$39.99Reposado
91El Tesoro de Don Felipe Paradiso18$127.50Extra Añejo
91Kah Reposado18$49.99Reposado
91Tequila G4 Reposado18rare!Reposado
91Tapatio A–ñejo18$41.99Añejo
91Malinalli Extra A–ñejo Tequila18rare!Extra Añejo
91Herradura Silver18$39.99Blanco
91Tears of Llorona Extra A–ñejo18$229.99Extra Añejo
91Excellia Blanco18$49.99Blanco
91El Luchador Blanco18$48.98Blanco
91Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado18$49.99Reposado
91Ocho Tequila A–ñejo - Los Corrales 201018rare!Añejo
103Cazadores Tequila Reposado17$26.99Reposado
103Tequila Alquimia Reposado17$49.99Reposado
103El Tesoro Tequila A–ñejo17$49.99Añejo
103Ocho Tequila Añ–ejo - El Vergel 200717rare!Añejo
103Gran Dovejo Reposado17$49.99Reposado
103Arette Artesenal Añ–ejo Suave17--Añejo
103Chinaco Añ–ejo17$54.99Añejo
110123 Organic Tequila Blanco16$42.99Blanco
110Ocho Tequila Plata - El Puertecito 201116rare!Blanco
110Arette Blanco16$21.99Blanco
110Tres Agaves A–ñejo16$29.99Añejo
110Rey Sol Extra A–ñejo16$259.99Extra Añejo
110Arette Artesenal Reposado Suave16$49.99Reposado
110El Jimador Añ–ejo Tequila16$29.99Añejo
110Tapatio Blanco 11016$49.49 1LBlanco
110Cava de Oro Extra Añ–ejo16$79.98Extra Añejo
1101800 Añ–ejo16$42.99Añejo
110Espolon Blanco16$27.99Blanco
110Siembra Azul Blanco16$37.99Blanco
110Tres Agaves Blanco16$27.99Blanco
110Partida Elegante16$299.99Extra Añejo
110Patron Reposado16$46.99Reposado
110Amor Mi­o A–ñejo16$59.99Añejo
110123 Organic Tequila Reposado16$47.99Reposado
127Corrido Extra Añ–ejo15$199.99Extra Añejo
127Corrido Cristalino Blanco15rare!Blanco
127Clase Azul Plata15$62.99Blanco
127Chamucos Reposado15$44.99Reposado
127Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver15$44.99Blanco
127Gran Dovejo Blanco15$44.99Blanco
127Espolon A–ñejo15$28.99Añejo
127t1 Selecto15$49.99Blanco
135Avion A–ñejo14$47.99Añejo
135Corzo Silver Tequila14$45.99Blanco
135Muchote Reposado14$32.99Reposado
135Partida Reposado14$46.99Reposado
135Corralejo Blanco14$29.99Blanco
135Partida Blanco14$39.99Blanco
135t1 Reposado Excepcional14$49.99Reposado
135Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco14$59.99Blanco
143Excellia A–ñejo13$69.99Añejo
143Don Fulano Blanco13$44.99Blanco
143Corzo Añ–ejo Tequila13$49.99Añejo
143Kah Blanco13$49.99Blanco
143Avion Reposado13$44.99Reposado
143Cimarron Reposado13$21.99 1LReposado
143Don Modesto Tequila Reposado13$42.99Reposado
143Corralejo A–ñejo13$29.99Añejo
143Crotalo Tequila A–ñejo13$54.99Añejo
143El Tequileño Gran Reserva Reposado13rare!Reposado
1531921 Blanco12$39.99Blanco
153Ocho Tequila Añ–ejo (Single Barrel) - Los Corrales 201012rare!Añejo
153t1 Blanco Ultra-Fino12$47.99Blanco
1531800 Silver12$25.99Blanco
153Milagro Silver12$29.99Blanco
153Alicantes Pintos Tequila Blanco12rare!Blanco
153Cabo Wabo A–ñejo12$45.99Añejo
153Revolucion Extra A–ñejo12$89.99Extra Añejo
153Casa Noble Crystal (1st Generation)12rare!Blanco
153Cazadores Tequila A–ñejo12$39.99Añejo
153Patron A–ñejo12$49.99Añejo
153Corazon Blanco Tequila12$25.99Blanco
153Pura Vida A–ñejo12$44.99Añejo
153Asombroso El Platino12$34.99Blanco
153Tapatio Reposado12$37.99 1LReposado
153Arette Reposado12$27.90Reposado
169Chinaco Reposado11$39.99Reposado
169Gran Corralejo11$99.99Extra Añejo
169Don Pilar Blanco11$38.99Blanco
169Chinaco Negro Extra A–ñejo11$229.98Extra Añejo
169Avion Reserva 4411$129.99Extra Añejo
169Corrido Reposado11$37.99Reposado
169El Jimador Blanco Tequila11$21.99Blanco
169Suerte Añ–ejo11$59.99Añejo
1694 Copas A–ñejo11rare!Añejo
169El Jimador Reposado Tequila11$23.99Reposado
169Astral Tequila Blanco11rare!Blanco
1691800 Reposado11$25.99Reposado
169Charbay Blanco11rare!Blanco
169Kah Tequila Extra A–ñejo11$219.99Extra Añejo
169Tonala A–ñejo Suprema Reserva11$79.99Añejo
169El Mayor A–ñejo11$29.99Añejo
185Corrido Añejo10$150Añejo
185Herradura Double Barrel Reposado10--Reposado
185Chinaco A–ñejo Black10rare!Añejo
185Dulce Vida Blanco10$39.99Blanco
185Dos Lunas Reposado10$35.99Reposado
185Gran Centenario Reposado10$29.99Reposado
185Casa Noble Reposado (Medallion)10rare!Reposado
185Penca Azul Reposado10$249.99Reposado
185Arette Gran Clase Extra A–ñejo10$89.99Extra Añejo
185Aha Toro A–ñejo10rare!Añejo
185Asombroso Vintage A–ñejo 11 Year10$1,949Extra Añejo
185El Mayor Reposado10$39.99Reposado
185Chamucos A–ñejo10$59.99Añejo
185Roca Patron Silver10$59.98Blanco
185Don Modesto Tequila A–ñejo10$49.99Añejo
185Gran Centenario Plata Tequila10$27.99Blanco
185Alderete A–ñejo10$59.99Añejo
185ArteNom Seleccion de 1414 Reposado10$46.99Reposado
185Familia Cuervo Platino Reserve10$59.99Blanco
185Corzo Reposado Tequila10$46.99Reposado